Fulcrom Finance relies on an RPC URL to query data and submit transactions as we are a decentralized exchange. Sometimes this RPC can become slow or unresponsive, which may cause issues loading data on the website - e.g. your positions and orders not showing under "Trade".

If you notice slow loading or missing data on Fulcrom Finance, follow these steps if you're using Metamask:

1. Open your wallet and go to Network Settings, then click on "Add network"

2. Click on "Networks"

3. Change the RPC URL to https://evm.cronos.org, then click "Save" to proceed.

4. Hard refresh your browser window or tab with Fulcrom Finance open.

* Please note the manual update of RPC is currently not supported on Crypto.com Defi Wallet.

Switching to this alternative RPC URL should significantly improve the loading speed and data connectivity issues on Fulcrom Finance during affected performance of our primary RPC.

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