1. Must I fulfill the prerequisites of Silver Tier in order to generate a referral code?

No. All Fulcrom users are free to generate a referral code. However, you will need to fulfill the prerequisites in order to start earning rebates as Referrers / enjoy fee discounts as Referees.

2. I’m a Trader and I’ve already applied a referral code. Can I apply a new referral code from another Referrer?

Yes. You can apply a new referral code to your wallet. The latest code and its corresponding discount will override the previous code. Please note that the fee discount depends on the tier of the Referrer.

3. I’m a Referee and I’ve applied a referral code, but why can’t I enjoy fee discounts on my trades

Your fee discounts depend on the tier and status of the Referrer’s referral code. It is possible that the Referrer fails to meet the staking requirement of having at least 300 FLP staked, leading to an inactive referral code. In this case, Referees will not be able to enjoy fee discounts, while Referrers will not be able to earn rebates.

4. I’m a Referrer and I perform trades on my own as well. Can I use my own referral code to enjoy fee discounts?

No. Once your wallet is registered as a Referrer on our referral smart contract and you have created your unique referral code, you will not be able to apply the same code as a Referee.

While all Fulcrom users can be both Referrers and Referees, they will not be entitled to their own referral code discount. They are, however, welcome to use a referral code from other Referrers.

5. How often will the rebates be distributed to the Referrer?

Rebate rewards are earned automatically when the Traders open and close positions. They will accumulate under “Claimable Rewards” on “Dashboard”, and you are free to withdraw the rewards anytime.

6. Is there a limit to the number of referrals for each Referrer?

No. You can refer as many users as you want using the same referral code.

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