Fulcrom Finance

Trading Module Features

Open Order
Buy and Sell with the following order types
  1. 1.
    Market Order - opens at current price + spread
  1. 2.
    Limit Order - opens at desired price + spread if user wants to:
    • Long at a lower price than now
    • Short at a higher price than now
  2. 3.
    Stop Limit - opens at desired price + spread if user wants to:
    • Long at a higher price than now
    • Short at a lower price than now
The maximum value a trader is willing to risk on a trade
  • Any token within the FLP can be deposited as collateral
Collateral deposited is converted to required collateral token on the backend
  • If trade is long of a FLP index token, e.g. $ETH, convert collateral to $ETH if required
  • If not, convert to stablecoin if required
Leverage Trading
Additional volatility trader is willing to take on top of his deposited collateral value
  • Capped at 25x for all tokens
Insane Mode Leverage
  • Unlock 100x leverage after you've staked at least 300 FLP on Fulcrom
Max Slippage
Maximum price deviation from your expected execution price you are willing to accept
  • 1% max slippage means trade will not go through if the price moves more than 1% beyond your desired open price before you open the trade
Close Order
Additional orders to prevent excessive losses or to take profit automatically
  1. 1.
    Market Close - closes at current price
    • Quick way to exit position
    • Can receive in any supported tokens
  2. 2.
    Trigger Close - closes at desired price
    • Position is open until trigger price is activated or closed
    • Only receive in stablecoins (USDC, USDT)
The execution of limit order and trigger order depends on the price captured on-chain. If there is a sudden and large price fluctuation, the protocol might not be able to catch the set price and execute the order.
Fulcrom's price feed is powered by Pyth - the largest first-party financial oracle solution delivering real-time market data to over 40 blockchains in a secure, transparent manner.