Referral Program

Referral Program allows you to refer other users to trade on Fulcrom. Both Referrers and Referees can earn rewards through such referrals. By sharing and/or applying unique referral codes, both parties can receive trading discounts and rebates on trade volumes.

Referrers are users who generate and share their unique referral code with other users to earn rebates from those users’ trades. Users who use the referral code to trade with fee discount are Referees. All Fulcrom users can be both a Referrer and a Referree.

The Referral Program is subject to the Fulcrom Terms of Use. By participating in the Referral Program, all Referrers and Referees agree to accept the Terms of Use.

How does it work?

Referees: Get position fee discounts automatically when opening and closing positions after applying a referral code. The discount rate depends on the Referrer's tier.

Referrers: Earn rebates on the total position fees generated from Traders using your unique referral code. Rebates are paid in the traded token by the Traders. Total Rebates will be accumulate in your "Claimable Rebates" and can be withdrawn via “Dashboard”.

Tiers: Higher tiers provide better rewards.

Referrers must

  • Meet and maintain the FLP staking requirement to activate their referral code

  • Fulfill Active Trader requirement to upgrade tiers over time

  • Ensure the prerequisites are met, so that Traders can enjoy the fee discounts while Referrers can earn the rebates

🎉 Limited Time Offer 🎉

To celebrate our achievements in 2023,

you can now earn up to 15% rebates by referring your friends to Fulcrom,

while they can enjoy up to 10% discount on position fees from our revenue pool.

Active Trader definition: The Trader has opened/closed at least 1 position with referral code applied within the past 30 days. This includes either market orders or limit orders.

Tiering will be based on the number of active traders using the referral code within the last 30 days. FLP staking requirement will affect the active/inactive status of the relevant tier.

For example, if a Referrer is in Black Tier, once they unstake 300 FLP, their Black Tier will become inactive, rather than being downgraded to no tier at all.

However, if Referrer is in Black Tier and doesn't fulfill the requirement of having 5 active traders using his referral code within the last 30 days, it will be downgraded to Gold or Silver Tier, depending on the number of active traders using his referral code.

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