Fulcrom Liquidity Pool ($FLP) is the native liquidity token of Fulcrom. It is an index token that comprises a series of bluechip assets like $BTC, $ETH, $ATOM and Stablecoins. As such, its value is partially derived from the price of its underlying assets.

$FLP acts as the counterparty of all trades that are executed on Fulcrom and earns a larger proportion of protocol revenue as compared to $FUL.

You can buy $FLP with any of the supported assets in the FLP pool, and the $FLP will be automatically staked to earn:

  • Escrowed $FUL ($esFUL)

  • Protocol revenue ($CRO)

Insane Mode Trading will be unlocked after you've staked at least 300 $FLP on Fulcrom. It allows you to trade at up to 100X leverage on all supported assets.

CRO rewards is accumulate and distribute daily. FUL, esFUL and Boost Points are based on real time emission.

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