Trade Square

Introducing Trade Square - Fulcrom's New Social Trading Feature

Trade Square introduces an exciting new social trading environment where you can explore top traders, follow their every move, and even mirror their winning strategies. It's your chance to step out of the shadows and into a vibrant community that will take your trading to the next level.

Here's how Trade Square enhances your trading experience:

Trending in the Spotlight

The Explore page spotlights top and trending traders, so you can discover who's the hot favorite traders right now and follow their footsteps.

Follow the Big Winners

Dig into traders' stats and track records to find the most profitable players. With our leaderboards ranked by PnL, volume and more, you'll be able to identify winners worth following. Analyze their performance and strategies to determine if they're a trading talent to emulate.

Mirror Their Moves

When you follow a trader, you can see every trade they make in real-time. Mirror their positions to execute the similar trades and capitalize on their winning formula.

Show Off Your Skills

Build your personal brand and showcase your talent by climbing Trade Square's leaderboards. With our stats tracking, your trading performance will speak for itself. Gain a following, then share and discuss strategies with your new fans!

Step into the Trade Square to advance your skills while immersing yourself in an exciting community of perpetual traders now:

Don’t forget to join our Discord forum to exchange trading strategies and insights as well:

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